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Sky Floaters

(Written on 7/27/17)

Must now get off my soapbox – it can get monotonous.

Happy and blessed times ahead. Onboard a Southwest flight for Maryland for an extended weekend visit with youngest daughter and her family. Her youngest has just turned one, and a party is planned.

The clouds surround our plane at the moment, and the gentleman next to me is snoring. My mind is full of ‘stuff’. Husband and I just added a new puppy to our household. The two of them will survive, but I worry a little.

My sweetheart will attend his veterans support group meeting sans me tonight. We look forward to this often intense but immensely rewarding time with some real heroes. I will miss them for one week.

Praying is such a huge part of life now. As this plane taxied to take off, I prayed for safety. Throughout the week, and when I think of it – I pray for our four grown kids…. that they somehow find Jesus, grab a hold of Him tightly, and live their lives like He did. Only He knows His plan for them.

Up here at 36000 feet, it’s the closest I feel to my mortality in this temporary life. It’s still something I struggle with – life after this one. I know of it, I fight to believe it… but the plight of this beautiful, yet troubled world saddens me deeply. I want to save them all.

So, sometimes I just ‘shut down’. It feels like I don’t care. The stupid things humans do aggravate me. I go through strong bouts of anger, or apathy. Not at all sure which is worse.


I enter the front doors of my church. It’s just a building. But what happens inside is proof of a movement that is changing lives. The people inside have changed mine. Christianity is just that – God and people. That’s it!

This past week, husband and I shopped for under-privileged kids in our church neighborhood – for much-needed school supplies. So many can’t afford the basics. That’s where those who can, come into play.

I simply say my prayers, including a desperate plea that my salvation will not be hindered by the underlying anger and depression that I fight daily.

So, we pray, love on those we meet, and serve where it’s needed. That’s why we’re here.

Wow… I do feel a bit better now…

Pray. Love. Serve.

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