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Sky Floaters

(Written on 7/27/17) Must now get off my soapbox – it can get monotonous. Happy and blessed times ahead. Onboard a Southwest flight for Maryland for an extended weekend visit with youngest daughter and her family. Her youngest has just turned one, and a party is planned. The clouds surround our plane at the moment,… Read More Sky Floaters

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Sensitivities and Sensibilities

Sensitivities and Sensibilities – 5/10/2017 Sensitivity – awareness, receptiveness, acuteness, susceptibility, impressionability, sensing. Sensibility – awareness, discernment, gut reaction, intuition, perceptiveness, sensitivity. Liability to feel hurt or offended, sensitive feelings. Recently, I learned that I may have a gluten sensitivity. This has put me on a quest for everything organic, natural, and gluten-free. My body… Read More Sensitivities and Sensibilities

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Digital Excitement

Week of 4/24/17 – Digital Excitement I have no to-do lists. No grocery lists. I have a calendar app on my smart phone, and I use it occasionally. But for the most part, I attempt to remember appointments or events I’ve scheduled. I depend on my doctors’ offices to call with reminders, and my email… Read More Digital Excitement

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Do Something!

On Easter Sunday, 4/16/17 – After this week’s bible study, entitled Passions, and its message that we simply “Do Something”, I simply decided to start to write something. I have no clear idea in my mind on what, so I decided to describe this reason for inactivity in my current passion – writing a believer’s… Read More Do Something!