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With the boldness of a spiritual warrior, and the humility of a child of God, my soul has become invested and convicted in writing thoughts of faith, strength and love – to any and all who will read beyond their comfort zone.

My Story

Though I’m still struggling with accepting my advancing age, as my peers are crossing over around me, and certainly my health hinders me – I’ve reached a point in this temporary existence where my past no longer rules how I live.  It used to:  blaming my parents for my lot, holding grudges against those who had wronged me, hanging onto an air of deep but disguised guilt for the wrongs I had done, and maintaining arrogance in that “no, no, no I am no sinner.”

I AM a sinner, very much so.  And I am a Child of God.  Jesus is my Savior and my King.

I grew up in very rural Vermont.

I grew up some more in Tampa and Homestead, Florida.  A story for another time.

The deepest and more difficult growth occurred in the Bay Area of Northern California.  Also a story for another time.  Ahh, but that place began to toughen me.  I absolutely missed it after I left.  Still do 21 years later.  My life is now in non-disaster-prone Arizona.  I gloat to folks in snow-country during deep winter.  Here is where I remarried.  But more importantly, we both returned to our faith, a much deeper and truer faith.  We’ve joined a wonderful church, are part of a believing community of beautiful friends, and participate in ministries that have begun to fulfill us.  But there’s more; my soul craves more…

Writing has always been my best means of communication.  My tongue gets all tied up when I speak.  And there’s so much inside that wants to come out.  So, here I am….

Meet the Author

Louise Mingua, 62, Believer, Married, Lover of God’s Creation, Parent of 4, Grandparent of 8



My Logo

–Technology has the stigma of being a product of complacency, laziness, and being a time-consuming beast.  It is claimed to have lessened our ability to have meaningful relationships, takes us away from the great outdoors.  But I disagree.  These digital flaws are due to human flaws.  I absolutely enjoy technology, and obtain gadgets as I can.  As I am typing this, I’ve got a number of browser windows up on my I-Mac to enable me to quickly toggle between programs to glean ideas, manipulate images, or check emails.  This website is my means, as such sites are for so many, to contact many people around the world – to get my message and my thoughts ‘out there’.

That being said, it seemed important to let my readers know that I partake in this digital world in a number of ways, and enjoy doing so!  With Facebook, Pinterest, and now this blog venture, I’ve begun to grow in, and have gained a following in another venture that I have a bit of a passion for….  being naturally healthy.  To learn more, click here, or here….

My family and friends are all around the country.  But we keep in touch with social media.  Pinterest and Facebook take a lot of time, yes… but it’s such a wonderful way to maintain relationships with people across the country from me.  In that way, technology – to me – is a blessing.  I hope you agree!





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